Hot Buffets

Attended Service


Chicken Fajitas

Tortilla Wraps|Mixed Vegetables|Sour Cream|Salsa


Pork Bombay Masala Curry

Cardamom Rice|Naan


Beef Lasagne


Steak and Ale Pie


Stir Fry

Choose from: Pork, Chicken, King Prawn or Vegetable

Egg Noodles|The Catering Crew Chilli and Tomato Sauce


Wild Mushroom Risotto (V, Gf)



(Choose 2)

Coleslaw (V, Gf)

Potato Salad (V, Gf)

Green Leaf Salad (V, Gf)

Warm Buttered New Potatoes (V, Gf)

Can be made Vegan on request

Garlic Bread (V)


£10.50 Per Guest