A Summer BBQ Perhaps?

Summer and Autumn are great times for outside fun and food.

From celebrations, fetes, product launches to seasonal events such as Guy Fawkes, we can deliver the food and service to help make an event extra special.


For The Meat Lover

Small, local butchers selling meat from farms close by make our world go round.

From a humble sausage, free range chicken leg, rib eye steak or a full on five rib beef joint, our BBQ's are outside the everyday experience, they are events. A big claim, but have you been to one?


Fantastic Seafood

Fresh seafood sent overnight from ports such as Mevagissey, Looe or Padstow.

While our seafood and freshwater fish is not restricted to Cornwall, we are keen to offer fresh seasonal food, or when requested and out of season that it is fresh frozen.



Vegan food is growing in both variety and complexity, our vegan repertoire has developed to offer some of the tastiest options around.

Our herb and olive oil vegetable skewers can be augmented with a zingy chilli glaze, or a range of Thai inspired dishes, what's your favourite?


Seasonal Desserts

From the early rhubarb to the last russet apple, there are so many choices to make a dessert that sparkles with seasonal delights.

While so many desserts, and some are good, are prepared with mass produced ingredients, there is that step up in flavour and texture when ingredients come from a small scale grower. Growers where fruit ripens on the plant and tree in its natural environment.

Planning a Private Event or corporate party?

We have an experienced event catering team.

From an intimate group to a full on wedding.

We have catered for a staggering range of events, tailoring each one to the clients theme or very specific requirements. From stately homes, castle or a clients private home, we have provided a service that has won us praise for the quality of our food, our team and for providing a stress free delivery.

Starting with the planning we undertake to understand your vision.

Formal Corporate Events.

Usually where you are reaching out to new business, or a senior level event.

From titled clients, prominent annual events, officers regimental catering or for executives at a major music event, we have covered it.

All menus designed around our clients preferences and budget.

Informal Corporate Event.

More suited to internal events, or where your clients may come and go at irregular times.

This is a popular option for regional management meetings, staff training, special events and client visits.

These events are more frequently taking advantage of our BBQ with chefs on site and a controlled bar, however, the standard drop and go package is the firm favourite.